How To Bond With Your Reborn Baby Doll

It’s disappointing when it feels like you just can’t bond with your reborn baby doll, especially if you’re depending on that bond for therapeutic purposes.

Whether you’re getting to know a new baby, a new pet, a new person, or anyone who comes into your life, sometimes it can feel like love at first site, but most of the time, it takes shared experiences to truly form a bond.

So, do not worry if you do not feel bonded right away. It really does take time and consistency is key to having your heart feel full when you look at your baby.

Here are some ways to make memories and foster a lasting bond with your reborn.

Try on some new clothes.

If you have any family hand-me-downs, trying them on your reborns can be a fun.

You can also buy new clothes, especially if you don’t have any clothes to match the current season. How about a snowsuit so you can take photos with a tiny snowman? Or a floppy sunhat for the beach?

Make up their own special song.

Uh-oh, your baby is teething and they can’t go to sleep without their own special song. Quick, what rhymes with their name? It doesn’t have to be perfectly composed, a little tune that syncs with Twinkle Twinkle will do.

Tell them about your day.

Had a stressful day? A reborn baby is the best therapist and they’ll never judge, interrupt, or argue.

Teach your baby something new.

Did you know that the best way to learn a new skill is to teach it? If you’re trying to learn a new language, try teaching your baby a few grammar rules. Or, tell them all about a new recipe you’re trying for dinner.

Send them off to the babysitter.

Maybe you need some time away from your baby so you can miss them. If you have any supportive friends or family members perhaps you can ask them to look after your baby for a few days, especially with photos and updates. If you’d rather not let anyone care for your baby, you can always pretend they’re “at grandma’s” for a few days while they’re safe in storage.

Go shopping together.

Not everyone feels comfortable taking their babies out, and that’s perfectly fine. You may not feel confident to explain what a reborn is to a stranger, or you may not like the idea of attracting unwanted attention. Possibly the most accepting place to take your baby would be a kids’ clothing store so you can easily find them clothes that fit.

Go for a quiet outing.

You can take your baby out without being too close to other people. A covered or mommy-facing baby carriage or stroller is a low profile way to walk your baby. Or, try baby-wearing on a hike, just make sure to keep them as covered as possible with long pants, socks, and a hat to avoid exposure to the elements, dirt, etc.

Take more photos.

How lifelike can you get your baby to look in photos? Try taking pictures from different angles, with their face turned away, using fun props, toys, food and play with different filters on your phone.

Watch your favorite movie together.

Just holding your baby while you watch a movie, look at memes, or work can help you bond without putting so much pressure on what to do next.

Learn different ways to swaddle your baby.

You can also try infant photography wraps and learn different ways to wrap your baby.

Burp your baby.

Jiggling, burping, and rocking your baby are all ways you can enjoy how they feel in your arms.

Re-weigh your baby.

Maybe your baby is too heavy for you to comfortably hold for longer periods, or they feel too lightweight to feel lifelike. Changing out their weight is surprisingly simple. Most reborns are weighed with pantyhose filled with fine glass beads (a weighing material that looks like sand.)

Add a heartbeat or sound box.

You can easily add a heartbeat box or recordable sound box to your baby (just like they have at Build-A-Bear). All you have to do is carefully remove their head by cutting their ziptie – sometimes it can be easier to squeeze their head at the base close to the flange and gently pop it off, insert the device, and replace their head with a new ziptie. The ziptie should be about 2.5mm wide and 14 inches long. You can get these supplies on or or