Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a doll that looks like my child? Yes! I can create a portrait or memorial doll in honor of your child using photos, and I can even weigh it to match their birth weight.

Are reborn dolls only for people who struggle with infertility or child loss? They can be a great comfort to those who have lost a child, but the majority of people who buy my dolls are collectors who simply love babies. Some have children that have grown up, too big to hold in their arms. Whatever your reason, I’m happy to work with you to create the doll of your dreams.

How is a reborn doll made? They begin with a clay sculptor created by a sculptor, that’s then reproduced in vinyl and sold as a “kit.” I can help you find a kit with similar features to your child or to the look you’re after, then paint it and assemble it however you’d like.

Do you root hair? No, at this time my custom reborns have painted hair and rooted lashes.

How long does a custom doll take to make? About three to four weeks.

Do you have any ready-to-ship dolls? I list all of my ready-made dolls on

How much is a custom reborn doll? A custom newborn sized (18-20 inch length) reborn doll with full limbs, a cloth body, and painted hair is $550 including supplies, accessories, and USA shipping.

How does payment work? I use PayPal invoicing/Business and Services. A custom begins with a 30% deposit and the remainder is due when the baby is finished and ready to ship. I also offer payment plans of about six weeks.

Do you ship to my country? I primarily ship to the USA and Canada (I’m based in Delaware, that’s in the USA!) but might be able to ship to your country. If you give me your address I can give you a shipping quote. I may also be able to help you find an artist that lives close to you so you won’t have to pay high shipping fees.

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