How To Bond With Your Reborn Baby Doll

It’s disappointing when it feels like you just can’t bond with your reborn baby doll, especially if you’re depending on that bond for therapeutic purposes. Whether you’re getting to know a new baby, a new pet, a new person, or anyone who comes into your life, sometimes it can feel like love at first site, … Read more

“You Want To Spend WHAT On A Doll?” Explaining Your Reborn Purchases To Your Loved Ones Who Just Don’t Get It.

Authentic Reborn Saskia Doll with Medium-Dark Skintone

Reborns are a big purchase. Even the most basic dolls from beginner artists run about $200, and if you want a baby that’s more realistic, your doll could cost $300, $400, $800… and that’s not including clothing and accessories like a crib and carriage. I don’t condone running up huge credit card bills to buy … Read more