COVID-19 Guidelines For Reborn Doll Buyers

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is concerned about viruses that can live on surfaces through the shipping process. It’s possible that your artist is asymptomatic, or that someone along the way in the postal system can make contact with your package. It’s unlikely for the virus to spread via surfaces, as it’s mainly airborne, but … Read more

Avoid Scams When Buying A Reborn Doll

Reborn baby dolls are precious treasures. They’re well worth every penny, but you shouldn’t have to risk losing your money just to get the doll of your dreams. Which Reborn Doll Websites Are Safe? You can buy a reborn doll from: where artists have to pay a fee to advertise their dolls where … Read more

How To Buy Your First Reborn Baby Doll

Your very first reborn doll is sure to be very special from the moment you hold them in your arms. Use these tips to make sure you get a high quality doll that you’ll love forever. Purchase Directly From An Artist There are hundreds of spoof websites that steal photos from artists. They don’t have … Read more