Avoid Scams When Buying A Reborn Doll

Reborn baby dolls are precious treasures. They’re well worth every penny, but you shouldn’t have to risk losing your money just to get the doll of your dreams.

Which Reborn Doll Websites Are Safe?

You can buy a reborn doll from:

  • Reborns.com where artists have to pay a fee to advertise their dolls
  • eBay.com where there are sometimes scammers, but a good seller has plenty of positive feedback from happy customers.
  • etsy.com which also has a feedback system.
  • Facebook Groups – search for “Reborns for Sale” and you’ll find many great Facebook Groups. However, when doing business with someone on social media, you’ll need to be very careful – more tips to follow!
  • Instagram – search for the hashtag #rebornartist
  • Directly from me! Mama’s Joy Reborns is an independent artist.

Buying Dolls On Social Media

There are many wonderful artists on Facebook and Instagram, and just as many scammers. Here’s how to make sure you’re talking to someone legit:

How do they ask to be paid?

  • They ask to be paid via PayPal Goods & Services or they send you an invoice via PayPal. PayPal has buyer protections. If someone takes your money, they have to provide a tracking number. If you’re scammed, you’re highly likely to get your money back.
  • NEVER use PayPal Friends & Family option. You won’t get buyer protections. When your money is gone, it’s gone for good.
  • NEVER use Venmo or Cashapp. No buyer protections.
  • NEVER use Facebook Pay. No buyer protections.

Do they actually have the doll?

The most common scam is when someone steals photos of a doll that they do not have, takes your money, and either sends you nothing, or they send you a cheap knock-off doll that doesn’t look like the photos.

Always ask to see more photos of the doll. Ask for a safety photo, which includes a HAND-WRITTEN note that shows the seller’s name and current date. Another way to do a safety photo is to ask them to take a photo of the doll with a common object on it – for example, ask them to photograph the doll holding a spoon.

A real artist may also have work in progress photos on their social media.

You can also do a reverse image search to see if the photos have been stolen, but this may not work if the photos were originally shared in private social media posts.