Working with me

Mama’s Joy Reborns are vinyl reborn dolls made from kits sculpted by talented sculptors like Cassie Brace, Gudrun Legler, Bonnie Brown, Joanna Kazmierczak, Laura Tuzio Ross, Laura Lee Eagles, and more.

All kits are purchased from reputable dealers including Macpherson’s Crafts, Irresistables, Truborns, and Dolls by Sandie. I only use authentic reborn kits to create dolls; I do not work with counterfeit supplies.

The majority of dolls I create have a vinyl head and limbs with a cloth body. Each baby is weighted to around 5-7 pounds for a lifelike feel. Newborns have a weighed head that must be supported, just like a real baby.

I also create cuddle babies. Cuddle babies have a vinyl head with an all-cloth body. They are weighted to be cuddly, posable, and lifelike to hold. They are around 25-50% less expensive than full-limbed dolls.

Customs Process

I make ready-to-ship babies and custom dolls.

It takes about 4-5 weeks to create a doll. I can create a portrait baby or memorial baby from your photos, or create a doll with your desired features.

A custom begins with a 30% deposit for supplies. For portrait dolls, I can help you choose a sculpt that closest resembles your photos.

As I work on your baby, I’ll send you photos every few days until they are finished and ready to go home. The remaining balance is due before they are shipped.