3D Ultrasounds – $5

For just $5 I’ll make a 3D ultrasound image of your reborn baby!

Just send me your favorite photo of them, preferably a close-up (they can have a hand touching their face!) and I’ll photoshop it into a realistic simulated 3D ultrasound image.

If your baby has open eyes, I’ll make them appear closed at no added cost.

You’ll get your digital file (JPG) within 72 hours.

At this time I’m not offering physical copies but you can print it at home, at Staples, CVS, Kinko’s, or any photo printing service.

This is great for:

  • Preparing for a new arrival, you can use photos from your artist while you’re waiting for your baby to come home
  • A keepsake of a baby you have in your collection
  • For artists, you can include a 3D ultrasound as a fun extra or as an add-on for your customers. You can use the photo in your sales listings, just please do not remove the “Mama’s Joy Ultrasound Imaging” text in the top left corner.
Get yours for just $5 via PayPal (no account needed, you can pay by card) To send your baby photo, I’ll get in touch via your PayPal email address, or you can email me at mamasjoyreborns *@* gmail.com (email address masked to prevent spam)